Logo of the Faculty

The Symbol of the Faculty of Public Health

The Cassia tree is the symbol of the Faculty of Public Health.  The botanical name is Cassia fistula, but is also known by other names including the golden shower cassia.  It is a flowering plant native to southern Asia.  The Cassia is a deciduous tree.  The leaves contain three to eight pairs of leaflets, and the flowers hang down and can be from eight to fifteen inches long.  The bright yellow flowers cover the tree to such an extent that the leaves become almost invisible.  The blossoming tree stands in stark contrast to its sometimes dry and lifeless surroundings.

On December 11, 2001, the Thai government proclaimed the cassia flowers as the national flower of Thailand.  Yellow is also a color used to represent Buddhism and His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.  In Thailand, the flower is most often called dok khuen or ratchapruek and often symbolizes one who has been active in local public health.  In the song, "The Father of Public Health of Thailand" the lyrics make reference to the yellow of the Faculty of Public Health and how the father wanders "far out into the wilderness studying the prevalence of disease and undergoes this training out of his love for the people of Thailand".