Welcome Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Public Health website. Established in 1948, the Faculty of Public Health forms an integral part of Mahidol University, and we pride ourselves in providing high quality education and exceptional professional training. Today, our students pursue various undergraduate, master s and doctoral degrees, including international masters and doctoral degree programs. Each year, about 1,400 students graduate in these various fields with degrees that are generally accepted both nationally and internationally.

The Faculty of Public Health receives the cooperation of several diverse international organizations, such as, SEAMEO-Tropical Medicine, SEAPHEIN, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, World Bank, among many others. In addition, our faculty also plays a vital role in the development of public health activities to guide national education development through the implementation of short-term training courses and providing technical assistance to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

We understand that for academic success, an accommodating and conducive infrastructure has to be present. With this in mind, our Faculty of Public Health has undertaken a comprehensive suite of services in urban, rural and industrial public health concerns, including t he development of public health through the provision of academic services to society.

Moreover, our Faculty has established the Office of Public Health and Environment Technology Services (OPHETS) , and has been certified ISO 9100 for its mobile health services, since 2008.

We have also established a Health Promotion Center, which provides comprehensive health promotion services via patient screening, disease prevention activities, as well as training and research in rural health. Education and community services have been implemented in Nakhon Ratchasima for the development of public health and the overall quality of life of the population. In addition, s tudents in their final year of undergraduate study, as well as various post- graduate students, are required to work as a multi-disciplinary team in the community for six weeks. This community work program serves the purpose of enhancing and expanding students own professional skills and technical services, while, in turn, also benefiting the community as a whole .

        The Faculty of Public Health at Mahidol University consists of thirteen departments and a training facility with more than one hundred and fifty staff members with diverse professional academic backgrounds. In addition, the faculty has also cultivated an array of strong networks in order to facilitate the utmost productivity for the benefit of mankind.

Centrally located in the beautiful city of Bangkok, our faculty offers a great environment that extends beyond the walls of our classrooms and I am sure that you will find our campus and all our faculty members to be inviting, warm, supportive, and friendly.