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Department of Public Health Nursing

Public health nursing education to promote health and well being individuals, families, aggregates, communities at national and international level. Enter Site

Department of Microbiology

The study of microbiology and infectious diseases for health development and quality of life of mankind. Enter Site

Department of Biostatistics

The department of Biostatistics was first operated as one of the nine pioneer department established in the Faculty of Public Health in October 12, 1948. The Department was named "Vital Statistics Unit" and was headed by Professor Dr.Pradit Sithichai. The main jobs were giving lectures in Biostatistics for the MPH students, under graduate sanitary students and public health nurses. Enter Site

Department of Publich Health Administration

Managed by good governance principles. Develop and produce graduates in Public Health Administration who are coupled with knowledge and professional ethics. Be able to integrate art and science of public health administration appropriately. Helping Thai society to become a learning community. Enter Site

Department of Parasitology and Entomology

The Department also provides courses in Parasitology for other institutions, both private and governmental. as requested. For government institutions, The Department has given courses in Parasitology for students in the Bangkok College of Nursing, Ministry of Public Health, and for students in the College of Health Sciences, Ramkamhaeng University. In private institutions, course on Parasitology have also been provided by the Department for the College of Nursing at St. Louis Hospital and the College of Nursing at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. Occasionally the Department also involved in some services such as provision of parasitic diagnosis for people in slum areas, some consultancy services for the public such as investigation of the presence of parasites in a water treatment system, and general parasitic surveys for the public as requested. Enter Site

Department of Nutrition

Was founded for more than 50 years. The department offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree. There are two areas of concentration for Bachelor degree: Nutrition and Dietetics, and Food Science for Health. The faculty members are experts in each specific area. Food and food analysis laboratory are equipped with latest model instruments as well as library and computer laboratory. The department of Nutrition also provides nutrition counseling to the public. In the corporation with the Nutrition Society, The department organizes conference every two years. Indeed, the department corporate with both national and international organization. Enter Site

Department of Epidemiology

Department of Epidemiology was established at the same time of the foundation of Faculty of Public Health, University of Medicine, Thailand, in 25 May1948. (The University of Medicine was later known as Mahidol University) Dr Pradit Sithichai, who, at that time, was the Head of Department of Biostatistics, was acting as the Head of this department. He was then the first Department Head. In 1960, there was another staff coming in: Dr Soodkhate Sarasas. In 1962, Dr. Pradit Sitthichai was officially appointed as the Head of the department. After that, the number of staff member increased gradually, after the enrollment of Dr Somchai Supanvanich, Dr. Prawit Soonthornsima, Dr. Suvong Sastraravaha, Dr.Porapan Punyaratabandhu, and others. Enter Site

Department of Environmental Health Sciences

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Department of Sanitary Engineering

Excellence in creating capable human resources abd development of academic and research in environmental technology to the society. Enter Site

Department of Health Education and Behavioral Sciences

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Department of Community Health

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Department of Family Health

Education for Development and Promotion of the Family Health to Improve the Quality of Life for all Mankind. Enter Site

Department of Occupational Health and Safety

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