Study Visit of Kyushu University to Faculty of Public Health

Five faculty and staff and 23 students from Kyushu University, Japan and Director of Yunus Center AIT visited the Faculty of Public Health to share knowledge and experience on Healthcare Business and discuss future collaboration in the morning of August 7th, 2018 at the Surin Osatatanugroh room, 2nd floor, 1st Building. The FPH-MU Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Chanuantong Tanasugarn warmly welcomed the delegation followed by introductions and an overview of Mahidol University and the FPH by Associate Professor Dr. Mathuros Tipayamongkholgul, Deputy Dean for International Relations and Networking. Dr Tipayamongkholgul also presented her lecture, "Recent Health Issues and Health Related Business in Thailand". The Kyushu University Team comprised Dr. Ashir Ahmed, Associate Professor, Advanced Information Technology Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Dr. Fumihiko Yokota, Lecturer, Institute of Decision Science for Sustainable Society, Dr. Rika Terano, Lecturer, Robert T Huang Entrepreneurship Center (QREC), Dr. Hiromi Yadmada, Research Assistant Professor and Program Manager for (QREC), Ms. Akiko Fish, Coordinator, Yunus and Shiiki Social Business Research Center Together with Ms. Panchica Koonchaimang, Yunus Center AIT (YCA), Associate Program Officer for Administrative and Support Coordination and Ms. Parichad Nuntavong, YCA Program Officer for Logistics and Field Visit from the Asian Institute of Technology and the FPH-MU team the delegation discussed the purpose of their visit and future collaborations between the institutes regarding knowledge sharing concerning healthcare business.