The Beginning of FPH-GU collaboration

On 29th June 2018, Associate Professor Chanuantong Tanasugarn, Dean,Associate Professor Dr. Mathuros Tipaygmongkholgul, Deputy Dean for International Relations and Networking, Assistance Professor Dr. Charuwan Tadadej, Head for Department of Public Health Administration, Associate Professor
Dr. Punyarat Lapvongpatana, Chair of the Doctor of Public Health program and Associate Professor Dr. Nawarat Suwannapong, Chair of the Master of Public Health major in Public Health Administration warmly welcomed Dr. Agenta Ekman, Program Director, Program in Medicine, Dr. Amir Khorram Manesh, Associate Professor of Surgery, Evelina Nystrom, International Coordinator, University of Gohtenburg, the Kindom of Sweden to discuss future collaboration. In conclusion, both institutions agreed upon the opportunities for academic mobility and degree researches.