MU-FPH "V" Club Travels to Stamford International University, Hua Hin Campus

During Saturday 22 nd- 23 rd September,the joint activity between the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University (FPH-MU) and Stamford International University (SIU), was held at Hua Hin Campus of Stamford International University. Nine students from the V Club and four students of the Stamford participated the program. The first activity was lunch on beach followed by educational games on the sand. Back at Stamford and following a short, relaxing break for private time they participants enjoyed an evening barbeque was hosted along with entertainment activities provided by the students. After competing with board games among teachers and students, the Mahidol students performed their play regarding an ancient legend. In addition to the joyful activities, the students received a workshop on English proficiency and returned to Phaya Thai Campus safely. The V Club, a student activity to develop English proficiency and voluntarism is the first collaborative project between FPH-MU and SIU that was started on the Phaya Thai Campus 14th June 2018.