Ending for starting the next step

On September 2 nd , 2018 was the last day of "Global Health Education Programn2018" which was the seven-day collaborative project between the FPH- MU Kanagawa Prefecture and Health and Global Policy Institute. There were 17 Thai and Japanese students participated the program during August 27 th to September 2 nd , 2018. At the end of the program, three groups of students presented lesson learns and proposed possible solution for betterment of senior population in Thailand and Japan. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chakrit Hirunpetcharat, Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation, Dr. Thongtana Permbotasi, Department of Medicine, MOPH, Thailand and both Thai and Japanese mentors attended the presentation and discussion. After that the closing remarks and certificates were delivered by the Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chakrit Hirunpetcharat.