• Close the submission window for Thai manuscripts on March 1, 2023.

Aims and Scope

  • The Thai Journal of Public Health is focused on all disciplines of public health:
    - Microbiology
    - Parasitology and entomology
    - Biostatistics
    - Public health administration
    - Nutrition and dietetics
    - Food science for health
    - Sanitary engineering
    - Occupational health and safety
    - Public health nursing
    - Environmental health
    - Family health
    - Community health
    - Epidemiology
    - Health promotion and disease prevention
    - Health education and behavioral sciences
    All articles must be able to demonstrate that the work can benefit the general public by furthering the understanding of public health issues and by demonstrating its application to the advancement of public health. The public health implications of findings must be made clear, and the work must be of interest to public health professionals and others who are engaged in the field of public health.

Current Issue