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>Message from the Dean
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Dean's Office 5th floor, Sataranasukwisit Building (Building 1)

Associate Professor Chanuantong Tanasugarn, Dr.P.H.

Dean, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University.

Welcome to the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University The Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, the first faculty of public health in Thailand in a Thai university, is now celebrating 72nd anniversary since the establishment May 25, 1948.

To maintain the leadership in public health education, "social laboratories" have been developed for student learning activities, and the social responsibility concept has been introduced to the management system as the method to improve the Faculty's culture and to enhance students' and staff competencies concerning public health and society leading to a sustainable development goal.)

Important missions of the Faculty of Public Health include learning/teaching and research as described below.

(1) Learning and teaching activities of the educational program and short courses are offered to Thai and international students in three academic clusters: health promotion, environment and safety and disease prevention.

(2) Research is designed to both tackle social problems and generate new bodies of knowledge as well as innovations. Researchers from the three academic clusters are required to conduct high quality research and publish in international peer review journals. Innovations will result in being licensed to nonprofit organizations and or commercialized in a socially responsible manner.

Alignment with Thai government policies and Mahidol University policy to facilitate Thais to be literate in health will cause Thai society to become a "health literate society." Information from research and projects conducted by students and Faculty members will be translated to easy-to-understand Thai.
This simplified information will be distributed through different channels including website, mobile phone applications as well as other traditional routes.
Acting as the Faculty partners, stakeholders and partners from all sectors will share experience in transforming the Faculty of Public Health to become a Health Literate and Social Responsive Faculty.

In response to Mahidol University's determination to become the "Wisdom of the Land," the Faculty of Public Health's contributions to such "Wisdom" will become a reality by working together and joining hands with all partners such as the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Labor etc. and international organizations and networks such as SEAMEO-TROPMED, WHO, WHO-SEARO, UNICEF, the World Bank, South-East Asian Public Health Education Institutes Network (SEAPHEIN) and Asia–Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH). Alumni and currently enrolled students are also included as active and new initiative partners.

As a leader of this Faculty, I would like to request your participation and collaboration to help enhance public health education quality and use the Faculty of Public Health as a public health information reference source. By working together with the Faculty of Public Health at all levels, e.g., family, community, organization, we will make the Thais a part of healthy global citizens, who can support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by living longer, healthier and happier lives.